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Top Auction Sites by Categories

Category Description #1 Site
General Auction Sites & Alternatives
General Auction Sites A list of 37 top online auction sites. Each site covers a large number of categories. eBay
Online Marketplaces Lists 28 popular online marketplaces, where you can sell merchandise without setting up a store. They are good alterntives to auction sites, for both buyers and sellers. Amazon Marketplace
Online Classifieds Buy and sell items on the "for sale" sections of these 8 top classified sites. Craigslist.org
Computer & Electronics
Computer Auctions Popular auction sites for computers. eBay Computer Auction
   Dell Computer Bid on a Dell computer. eBay
   HP Computer Win a great HP computer. eBay
  Laptop Auctions A list of 24 top laptop auction sites and alterntaives. eBay
    Used Laptop Search for the used laptop you are looking for. eBay
    Dell Laptop Find a Dell laptop auction site. eBay
  Desktopo Computer Bid on a desktop computer. eBay
  Mac Auctions Find popular auction sites for Mac. eBay
    MacBook Auctions Bid on a MacBook with great price. eBay
    MacBook Pro Lists popular sites for MacBook Pro. eBay
    iMac Auctions A list of iMac auction websites. eBay
    Mac Mini Auctions Find a list of Mac Mini auction sites. eBay
  Printer Auctions Find auctions for a very good selection of printers at low prices. eBay
Electronic Auctions Find 29 electronic auction sites and alterntaives. eBay Electronic Auction
  iPad Auctions Bid on an iPad! eBay
  Camera Auctions Lists 28 camera auction sites and alterntaives. eBay
    Digital Camera Find a list of digital camera auction sites. eBay
    Canon Camera Bid on a Canon camera auction. eBay
    Nikon Camera Bid on a Nikon camera auction. eBay
  Camcorder Auctions Bid on a fantastic selection of camcorders. eBay
  Cell Phone Auctions Lists 23 top camera auction sites and alterntaives. eBay
    iPhone Auctions Bid on a great selection of iPhones. eBay
    iPhone 4 Auctions Bid on a wonderful iPhone 4. eBay
  TV Auctions Find a deal on a TV through an online auction. eBay
    LCD TV Auctions Bid on a LCD TV to save money. eBay
  iPad Auctions Bid on an iPad! eBay
  Kindle Auctions Bid on a Kindle and start to read! eBay
  DVD Player Auctions Bid on a DVD player at a fraction of the original price. eBay
  GPS Auctions Bid on a GPS Auction for a real bargain. eBay
  iPod Auctions Find a real bargain at an iPod auction sites. eBay
    iPod Touch Auction Go for an amazing selection of new and used iPod touches. eBay
  Game Console Auctions A list of game console auction sites. eBay
Game Console Auctions:   Xbox   Xbox 360   Playstation 3   Nintendo DS    All...
Jewelry & Fashion
Jewelry Auctions A list of 28 best jewelry auction sites and alternatives.. eBay
  Watch Auctions Whether you?re looking to find a great deal on a watch or to sell your watch online, the 30 auction sites and the alternatives are the right places to start. eBay
  Diamond Ring Auctions Bid on diamond rings at auction sites. eBay
  Gemstone Auctions Bid on gemstone jewelry or loose gemstones. eBay
Clothing Auction Visit these popular clothing auction sites and alternatives. eBay
Handbag Auction Handbags do not have to cost a lot of money. eBay
Purse Auction Find an amazing selection of purses at great low prices. eBay
Shoe Auction Find good ways to bid on shoes. eBay
Auto & Other Vehicles
Car Auction Sites A list of 32 top car auction sites and classifieds. eBay Motors
Local Auto Auctions:   Atlanta   Chicago   Dallas   Houston   Indianapolis   Los Angeles   Philadelphia   San Antonio   San Diego   San Jose    More...
   Online Auto Auction Popular online auto auction sites, where you can bid cars online. eBay Motors
Truck Auction A list of top truck auction websites. eBay Motors
Motorcycle Auction A list of popular motorcycle auction websites. eBay Motors
Boat Auction A list of popular boat auction websites. eBay Motors
Government Auction
Government Auctions A list of popular sites to find government auction. PropertyRoom
Police Auctions A list of sites to find police auctions. PropertyRoom
Business Auctions
Wholesale Auction A list of top wholesale auction sites. Liquidation.com
Farm Equipment Auctions Find the websites specializing buying and selling of farm equipments. Tractorhouse.com
Tractor Auctions Popular sites to buy and sell new or used tractors. Rbauction.com
Real Estate Auctions
Real Estate Auctions Top sites for real estate auctions. Auction.com
  House Auction Place bids on the house of your dreams. eBay
  Land Auction Find a list of popular sites to bid lands. eBay
Collectible, Art & Antique
Collectible Auction Sites A list of 41 top auction sites & alternatives for collectibles. eBay Collectible Auction
  Coin Auction Sites Add some exciting new coins to your collection or make some money off the coins you already have. eBay Coin Auction
  Stamp Auction Sites a list of top stamp auction sites & alternatives. bidstart.com
  Sports Memorabilia Auctions a list of popular sports memorabilia auctions & alternatives. ebay
  Sports Card Auctions a list of top sports card auctions & alternatives. ebay
Art Auction Sites A list of 26 top art auction sites and alternatives. eBay Art Auction
Pottery Auction Sites A list of 31 popular pottery auction sites and alternatives. eBay
Craft Auction Sites A list of 27 popular craft auction sites and alternatives. eBay
Antique Auction Sites A list of popular auction sites for antiques. eBay Antique Auction
Book & Media
Book Auction A list of online auction sites to sell and buy books without setting up an online store. Amazon
   Comic Book Auction Bid a comic collectible to add to your collection. eBay
DVD Auction A list of popular online auction sites to sell and buy DVDs. Amazon
Music Auction Find all the music you?ve been wanting for excellent prices. ebay
Video Game Auction A list of 33 top video game auction sites and alterntaives. eBay
Travel & Sports
Travel Auction Sites A guide to popular sites for travel auctions, such as hotel auctions. Priceline
Sports Auctions A list of 37 popular sport auction sites and alternatives. eBay Sport Auction
Other Auctions
Gift Card Auctions Popular sites to buy and sell gift cards. Plasticjungle.com
Furniture Auction Visit these 31 top furniture auction sites and alternatives. eBay
Toy Auctions Lists 27 top toy auction sites. eBay
   Doll Auctions Lists 38 top doll auction sites. eBay
Music Instrument Auctions A lit of 27 top auction sites & alternatives for music instruments. eBay
Ticket Auctions A lit of 9 top auction sites & alternatives for concert, sport, and other event tickets. StubHub
Wine Auctions A lit of popular wine auction sites. Wine Commune
Charity Auctions Start raising money even before the date of your event by generating buzz and anticipation. biddingforgood.com
Auction Sites by Countries
Australian Auctions A list of 10 popular online Australian auction websites. ebay.com.au
UK Auctions A list of 10 popular online UK auction sites. ebay.co.uk
Auction Software
Auction Software Top 15 auction software. Vendio

Top Resources for Online Sellers - 2014 Guide

Category Description #1 Site
Build an Online Store
Web Store SolutionsHot A list of 20 great online store solutions, to build your own stores. Yahoo Merchant Solutions
Accept Credit Card Online Start to accept credit cards.. paypal.com
Research & Guide
eBay data Research on what to sell. Terapeak
Droppshipping Companies Find a top dropshipping company. Doba.com
Wholesale Directories Find a reliable wholesale supplier. WholeSaleCentral.com
Software for Sellers
Auction Management Software Find some of the best online auction management software around. Vendio.com
Sell Online Without Building an Online Store
Auction Sites for Sellers A list of top 50 online auction sites, marketplaces, and classified sites for online sellers. If you are looking for a place to sell beyond eBay, without building your own online stores, the list is a must-read. Amazon.com

When the number of auction websites continues to grow, Internet users spend hours finding the relevant marketplaces to meet their needs. To provide a guide for online buyers and sellers, 100AuctionSites.com selects and ranks best auction sites, based on the popularity, function, service, and price of the sites in different categories.

Each website in the list is manually picked and reviewed by our editors, and we have made considerable effort to maintain the high quality of the ranking.

Our Criteria:

  1. Popularity: we think popularity is very important for online auction websites. Because sellers want to access to more buyers and buyers also like to see more offerings from sellers.

  2. Function: a good online auction site should provide many useful functions to deliver a good auction experience to users.

  3. Service: online buyers and sellers value the quality of service provided by online auction firms.
  4. Price: while we don’t think listing fee should be the only factor to consider when you choose an online auction site, it is still a relevant issue to look at especially if you sell lots of items.


While we work hard to find truly exceptionnal online auction websites, please understand each online auction service has its strength and weakness. Even the finest auction site may not meet all users’ needs. So you may want to compare carefully to decide which site fits your specific need best.

Guide to Online Auctions

Shopping on auction sites is one of the best ways to save money online. If done right, you can purchase expensive goods, such as jewelry or electronics for incredibly low prices! However, before you start bidding, you should have a basic understanding of the online auction process, in order to avoid getting involved in fraudulent activity. 

Online auction sites like eBay.com, ubid.com and bidz.com give buyers the opportunity to experience the excitement and thrill of participating in a real auction. Buyers can use these auction sites as a way of finding new, antique or used merchandises from all around the world, while sellers can use these sites as a global storefront from which to market their goods.

Most internet auctions sites specialize in person-to-person activity where individual sellers or small business sell their items directly to the consumers. In other words, auction sites are simply used as a platform for buyers and sellers to come together and exchange their unique items. Both buyers and sellers are required to register for a user account at each online auction site, and then they can begin making bids or placing items for bid.

Although most auction sites function in the same way, it would be wise to read the “Terms of Use” and review any information the site offers. For instance, some sites require sellers to agree to pay a free everything they conduct an auction, while other sites charge a fee only when an item is sold. Also, the time allot for auctions can vary between different auction sites. Some sites may allow bidding to immediately cease at the close of the auction, while other auction sites allows bidding to continue, even though the auction is still going on pass the stated time period. During this extended time period, other users have the chance to snip your item by quickly bidding high. Therefore, if you really want to purchase an item, you would have to keep a watchful eye out at the close of auctions.

For buyers who are new at the auction process, you should try to determine the relative value of an item before you bid. If a diamond ring is priced at $50, please use your instincts. A ring priced this low is a bit skeptical and may not even a real diamond ring. Additionally, you should find out all you can about the seller before placing a bid. Some sites have a “user feedback” feature which allows buyers to leave comments and rank the quality of the seller’s business—use this helpful tool to filter out sellers who lure buyers with promises of a better deal. You can even email the seller if you have any question about the item you are considering buying.

As for sellers, you are required to advertise your product honestly and accurately—it’s a federal law. When describing your item and its conditions, state whether it’s new, used, or reconditioned. If possible, please provide pictures, dimensions, and the brand of the item—buyers are interested in learning more about the item they are going to purchase. Anticipate questions buyers might have and address them promptly. Lastly, you should specify the method of shipment and payment of the item too!

For both buyers and seller, shopping and selling online can be convenient and cost-efficient. With thorough research, you will be on your way to have an enjoyable auction experience at different online auction sites!

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